15 Years of Nocturnals Coming, Folks!

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Hi Folks,

as you may know, Nocturnals approaches its 15th Anniversary this year. At this time, fifteen years ago, I was painting the first mini-series and struggling to hone my writing skills to create something unique in the comics marketplace. At that time, Hellboy was two months away from debuting, and there were no little girl characters in superhero comics. No books combining Lovecraft and Chandler (really!) or horror, crime and super-heroic flair all in one. There were no zombie gunfighters, no Halloween-themed characters, and no one had ever called a group or a book 'Nocturnals'.

Creature Features Host Bob Wilkins Passes

Bob Wilkins at KCRA  circa1967

I was sad to hear of the passing of Bob Wilkins on January 7th. I wasn't allowed to stay up late enough to catch his show as a kid, but I did see a few of them, most impostatnyl for me, Stan Lee's appearance during the release of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS. It was at that time I started to realize that I didnt have to be scared of horror movies all the time, they could be fun , too.


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Another peek at GOD-SIZED THOR

more art from Dan Brereton's work on GOD-SIZED THOR are posted at:


BRERETON THOR Art Previewed at CBR!

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Check out Comic Book Resources for a peek at some of Dan Brereton's pages from the upcoming GOD-SIZED THOR hitting stores in December from Marvel:


Gallery of Dan Brereton's Original Art for Sale Now Online

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a Gallery of Brereton's Original Art for Sale can now be found here:

You may also make inquiries about specific artwork, covers, pages, commission availability and more.


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For those who may not know it, the new book hit stores July 23rd! NOCTURNALS: CARNIVAL OF BEASTS is out and its waiting for you! 64 full-color pages, featuring a 35 page painted story by DAN BRERETON with 2 more NEW stories written by Dan.

Dan painted the first, 35-page story, "Beasts" a wicked-cool tale where the Nocs get their hands dirty with a frosty night of Reckoning served hot.

"The Scrimshaw Crown" also penned by Dan, features art by sensational comics newcomer, VIKTOR KALVACHEV, in a story featuring Starfish, a haunted harpoon, and a cursed Leviathan.


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Diamond Order Code JUL083628

So I wrote the 2008 Vampirella Quarterly Halloween Special, hitting stores very soon.

As a fan of the magazine as a teen, and someone who turned in their fair share of covers for the comics as an illustrator, having the opportunity to write a Vampi story is a big deal for me.

The details:

"Written by Dan Brereton Illustrated by John Heebink

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