Flying Colors' Joe Field & Dan Brereton Look Back at the Early Days


From Joe Field's own Blog, Septermber 27th, 2007:

The 19th Anniversary of the opening of FLYING COLORS Comics & Other Cool Stuff is upon us---and we're celebrating with a special event with artist Dan Brereton and the World Premier of NOCTURNALS Volume One: Black Planet & Other Stories, this Saturday September 29th from 1-4pm. I really hope you can join us.

New Gallery!


Some talk on Dan Brereton's Message Board:
about a line of Nocturnals toys which, sadly, never saw the inside of a toy store, prompted us to go through the archives and find several picures of Nocturnals action figure prototypes from that time. It's possible these or newer figures might turn up one day, after the new Nocturnals books have re-established themselves in the comics marketplace. Until then, enjoy this peek:


We Mourn the Tragic Loss of Creator Mike Wieringo

Mike Wieringo

I was shocked to discover today that Mike "Ringo" Wieringo
died Sunday August 12th of a massive heart attack. He was a vegatarian, fit and healthy by all accounts- its incredibly shocking.

Moreover, Mike was a friendly guy and an extremely talented artist. He was an inspiration because of his style and excellent skills. He drew circles around most of us and he did it with good-natured humility.

Advance copies of BLACK PLANET and Other Stories Vol I Arrive

Black Planet and Other Stories Vol I cover.jpg

reported by Alan Belfast

In a recent post to Dan's message board, Olympian Publisher Tom Negovan writes:


Tom went on to say "I wanted to wait to post the news until Dan received his surprise copy in the mail this afternoon, but they look unbelievable." received a digital photo of the cover of one of these advance copies today.

CBR previews Dan's cover recreation to "AMAZING FANTASY OMNIBUS"

Amazing Fantasy cover by Dan Brereton -after Ditko

by CBR News Team, Editor

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at the Dan Brereton variant cover for the colossal "Amazing Fantasy Omnibus" hardcover. Shipping in August, the deluxe hardcover volume collects for the first time in one book the entire run of the original "Amazing" Marvel anthologies, concluding with the debut of Spider-Man.

Dan Brereton Artists Alley table is DD-06

Dan Brereton's 'wombat" art display

-reported by Alan Belfast

Dan's not sitting next to Tim Bradstreet in Artist's Alley, as he was previously told. No, he and Truzey will be sitting in space DD-06.

When Dan isnt in Artists Alley, he will be at the big Century Guild Booth between 2pm and 4pm daily.


The Local 23 wants you!

Hello Girls and Ghouls,

just wanted to make an announcement regarding a special item at this year's Comic-Con San Diego:

The Inagural Local 23 Monster Society Member's Kit!

Dan Brereton lands Summer Gig at Marvel

Brereton's Iron Fist Annual cover painting

reported by Alan Belfast

He's not pulling weeds, mowing lawns or serving frogurt on the boardwalk- instead Dan's current Summer job is painting pages for Marvel's IMMORTAL IRON FIST ANNUAL, set for a Fall release.

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