Dan spills some choice details on his Fall 2015 original graphic novel, Nocturnals: The Sinister Path!

NOCTURNALS take the Sinister Path In a Kickstarter launch from Big Wow! Publishing


by Alan Belfast-

Dan Brereton's premiere creations are set to return in the Fall of 2015 in a brand new original graphic novel. NOCTURNALS: THE SINISTER PATH, a 65-page story, will be published in several formats, and is currently on a path to its much-needed funding to become a reality we can all have in our hot little hands! Dan has the story and several pages of the graphic novel completed, as well as a gorgeous wrap-around cover, all of which are shaping-up to be one exciting project.

NOCTURNALS: LEGEND available to order direct !


A 176 page , deluxe hardcover volume with 6 page panoramic fold-out and a special sneak peek at Dan's next Nocturnals graphic novel in the works! Full of never before seen, and classic images , with an all new autobiographical text in the voices of the characters themselves.



In stores now, the retrospective/introspective, 176-page hardcover volume
NOCTURNALS: LEGEND Explains Dan, " It is both an introduction and in-depth character study of the entire group , entirely in the character's voices."
Available in fiber Comic shops, as well as:

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- Follow this link to see a short video of Dan paging through the new book:

CBR interviews Creator Dan Brereton on the 'Eve' of the NOCTURNALS 20th Anniversary-


Comic Book Resources spoke recently with Creator Dan Brereton , on a topic never far from his mind, and the upcoming NOCTURNALS: LEGEND retrospective ( 176-pages, HC, BIG WOW! ART, November 26) as well as other upcoming projects and books, including ENCHANTRESS, his latest art book ) 96 pages, HC, BIG WOW! Art, Nov 26) and more-

NOCTURNALS: LEGEND- more than 20 years in the making- arriving in November!

NOCTURNALS: LEGEND- a 20-year retrspective, from Big Wow Art, coming  to shops November 2014

A twenty year retrospective celebrating Dan Brereton's Eisner-nominated series of dark pulp heroes, NOCTURNALS. This 152-page hardcover is packed with a slew of never-before-published illustrations, as well as paintings and drawings spanning the twenty year history of this influential "monster noir" series.

NEW Art Book for 2014! ENCHANTRESS: The Illustrative Art of Dan Brereton


Dan's newest collection of art- a beautiful hardcover volume, ENCHANTRESS: THE ILLUSTRATIVE ART OF DAN BRERETON. A 96-page hardcover volume available in November from Big Wow Art, hitting in comic shops Thanksgiving week.

Check out Previews and be sure to pre-order through your local Comics Retailer!

You can also order from Bud Plant Art Books:

Dan Brereton's NOCTURNALS celebrate 20 years in 2014

NOCTURNALS Celebrate Two Decades in 2014

By Alan Belfast-

That's right crew- the first issue of a NOCTURNALS comic book hit the stands in late 1994, a little more than a year after work on the art for the issue had begun. The book sold well, garnering praise from the likes of Alex Ross and Mike Mignola, earned an Eisner Nomination for Best Painter (a category that no longer exists, incidentally) and sparked an entire sub-genre of 'Monster Noir' (as author and one-time NOCTURNALS contributing writer, Christopher Golden, described it)

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