Dan Brereton lands Summer Gig at Marvel

Brereton's Iron Fist Annual cover painting

reported by Alan Belfast

He's not pulling weeds, mowing lawns or serving frogurt on the boardwalk- instead Dan's current Summer job is painting pages for Marvel's IMMORTAL IRON FIST ANNUAL, set for a Fall release.

" Im taking a break from Nocturnals just long enough to complete this book for Marvel, with an eye toward pulling in more readers for Nocs along the way." While the Iron Fist Annual is sure to broaden exposure for Nocturnals, Dan couldnt help but add, " how can you say no to Marvel Comics? I grew up reading them, thinking about them every waking minute as a kid. Marvel Comics literally changed my life at a tender age. Not only did I read 'Power Man and Iron Fist', I religiously followed as many titles as a 9 year old with no job could."

With the blessing of Nocturnals publisher Olympian behind him, he's doubly pleased to be sharing interior chores with comics legend and former THRILLKILLER collaborator, Howard Chaykin. Howard and Dan are working from script (by series writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction) each providing art for concurrent storylines flowing together in one epic tale. "I'm painting the Orson Randall storyline in the annual." Dan explained, " Orson is the mysterious "Pulp Era" Iron Fist. He employs guns as well as matial arts and barely survived the horrors of WWI. He's a very pulpy character which is perfect for me." Dan's love of pulp is evident in his cover art for the Annual, as well as his own Doc Horror, leader of the Nocturnals, a book rife with Pulp tradition all its own.

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