Dan Brereton Artists Alley table is DD-06

-reported by Alan Belfast

Dan's not sitting next to Tim Bradstreet in Artist's Alley, as he was previously told. No, he and Truzey will be sitting in space DD-06.

When Dan isnt in Artists Alley, he will be at the big Century Guild Booth between 2pm and 4pm daily.

Dan will have lots of new goodies available at his Alley table, especially for Nocturnals fans itching to display their love of the Night in the form of apparel, decals, buttons and the ultimate expression- membership in the Local 23, the Nocturnals Monster Society (we all wished we could be part of when we were kids) Also available will be original art, trade paperbacks and the like.


Dan Brereton's 'wombat" art display
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