Advance copies of BLACK PLANET and Other Stories Vol I Arrive

Black Planet and Other Stories Vol I cover.jpg

reported by Alan Belfast

In a recent post to Dan's message board, Olympian Publisher Tom Negovan writes:


Tom went on to say "I wanted to wait to post the news until Dan received his surprise copy in the mail this afternoon, but they look unbelievable." received a digital photo of the cover of one of these advance copies today.

" Its the most lavish and extravagant volume of my material Ive ever seen." Dan stated enthusiastically, "A NOCTURNAL ALPHABET is a close second. Olympian is producing beautiful books. I'm anxious for readers to see how beautiful the book is and for only 30 bucks! It's incredible."

Tom wanted Nocturnals fans to know the arrival of the books the first week of August means "we're on track for the books to be in specialty stores the second week in September."

The books will be solicited in the next month of Previews, soOlympian is urging Nocturnals readers ( as well as the Local23) to get out the word to retailers and fellow readers- and help raise the number of orders. Because the book is priced so fantastically low, which Tom says is fulfilling a promise he made to readers over a year ago, keeping orders up is crucial.

Tom reported via Message Board on August 7th, "We're meeting with someone from Previews this weekend, and talking with them right now to figure out how to expedite things. Orders placed on the Olympian Publishing website will go out right away- but how fast Diamond can get them to you, I can't guarantee... you're right about the ordering window."

Tom promised an update when he knows more.

In the meantime, enjoy the attached photo of the fantastic cover.

In other news, Dan's wrapping his work for Marvel on Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1 this month, and will be back to work on new Nocturnals material soon after.

reported by Alan Belfast