We Mourn the Tragic Loss of Creator Mike Wieringo

Mike Wieringo

I was shocked to discover today that Mike "Ringo" Wieringo
died Sunday August 12th of a massive heart attack. He was a vegatarian, fit and healthy by all accounts- its incredibly shocking.

Moreover, Mike was a friendly guy and an extremely talented artist. He was an inspiration because of his style and excellent skills. He drew circles around most of us and he did it with good-natured humility.

Mike, even though we didnt talk often and I only saw you here and there at shows, I always held you in high regard. You're one of those guys who always made a positive, lasting impression and I truly regret not knowing you better. I'll miss you.

Check out Newsarama for more details and a heartfelt memoir by Cully Hamner:


Mike;'s personal blog, updated as recently as last friday: