FX 2008 what a fun show- Wondercon here we come

Noto and Brereton at FX  08 panel

Chartruz and I just returned from FX show in Orlando and we had a great time-


we got to hang with our LOCAL 23 pals, talk to readers who had recently picked up the new Nocturnals hardcover, and I did a bunch of sketches there as well.

Chartruz's Cuddlemonster toys were a big hit and she can now count Scary Godmother creator Jill Thompson as a client along with many other toy lovers who couldn't live without one of her hand-sewn creations.


FX has big plans for next year's show, helping Nocturnals celebrate 15 years. We're hatching many cool plans for next year, and will keep you posted.

Next up is Wondercon in San Francisco, Feb 22-24th!



FX is a show that really has gotten bigger and better each of the last couple of years, and next year will be the biggest yet. Celebrating both the Nocs 15th anniversary and the shows 20th anniversary is going to be a great time for both! I can't wait!