The Nocturnals are a strange crew.

And they’re coming back.

Created by Dan Brereton, the Nocturnals are…well, let’s let Brereton describe them from a previous chat with Newsarama:

Brereton’s Nocturnals work to date has been critically acclaimed and has landed him a dedicated group of fans who are always anxious to see more. Oh – that’s the other thing about Brereton’s Nocturnals work…it’s been kind of…well, now-and-then in terms of releases.

That’s changing, though. The creator has rededicated himself to his favorite “children” and is now focusing all of his creative energies on The Nocturnals, with projects to hit shortly from Image. We spoke with Brereton about his decision and the Nocs.

Newsarama: Dan, you've had many characters and projects under your belt over the years Dan, but it seems as if you always come back to The Nocturnals. What is it about the characters and their relationship with you that keeps pulling you back in...

Dan Brereton: Way back when I was still calling it, "Doc Horror's Pawn Shop", before I'd even figured out who they were, I was hooked on the Nocturnals. I’m fascinated by them. I spent a lot of time developing the characters, and a dark parallel world I could get lost in. That was always my goal. It’s a place my inner child can’t look away from. To this day, Nocturnals remains a mystery I’m compelled to investigate. Each time I tell another story, I’m on an adventure. I’m always puzzling out the relationships and the journeys. Once I work it out, I’m excited to share the results in a story.

NRAMA: And basically, what we're looking at coming up is a full-on return to the characters and the book for you, correct?

DB: Yes. I’m 100% committed to Nocturnals for as long as Olympian Publishing and I decide we want to do them. It’s a fortunate situation wherein my publisher handles a comic book effort consisting of a single creator and his book. I’m down with that as long as I can be.


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