Wizard  #201 Clipping

reported by Alan Belfast

see Wizard's coverage of NOCTURNALS: CARNIVAL OF BEASTS here:


It's been some time since Dan's name or work has seen the inside of Wizard Magazine.

"It was probably sometime in 1993, when Bravura announced its line-up of creator-owned books. Dan remembers, thought the details are fuzzy. "WIZARD did a story on the Bravura books, and they had this fold-out cover laid-out by Walt (Simonson). I penciled and inked my section, which included some of the Nocturnals.I was later faxed the finished piece, which included (Howard) Chaykin, Gil( Kane), Walter, and Jim Starlin."

He adds, half-joking, " You know I don't even have a copy of that issue. If anyone has one, can you send me a scan?"

or better, yet, one has only open the pages of WIZARD MAGAZINE #201, to see and read details of the newest of the Nocturnals adventures, hitting stores the week of July 23rd (coincidence or not? you decide)

Kevin Mahadeo interviewed Dan in April for Wizard. His story appears in this Issue 201 and online. He and Dan talked about the upcoming book and Dan's choice to move the title to Image with the blessing of co-publisher Olympian. " Coming to Image was the best move we could have made and Image has been great," Dan explains," Nocturnals has had many homes over the years, but Olympian is the first to really back us unconditionally, with a great love for the property. Image is here in California, Ive enjoyed working with them in the past, and they are already making headway in promoting the books, adding to the considerable efforts of Olympian, who have been tireless since 2006."

What does this all mean to the Readers and Fans of Nocturnals? Increased promotions, two publishers working together and exposure in the most widely read comic magazine must be good things, right?

" Yes. It means the ball is rolling. We've got momentum now, and while the machinery churns, awareness of the Nocturnals grows. With it, hopefully, comes readership. It's all about the audience and what we hope they will come to demand, which is simply More. We want to keep on producing stories and projects."

This means not only more painted pages by Dan, but work from selected artists Dan plans to bring on board to "enrich the Nocturnals' world". He explains, " I'm one guy and I can only produce artwork so quickly, and its not that quick, folks. So I need help. I have as many stories and ideas waiting to fly out of my fingers as the next comics writer, but as many writer-artists come to realize in their careers, you cant draw 'em all. And I don't want to. I'm loving what Viktor(Kalvachev) did in 'The Scrimshaw Crown' and the work Ruben(Martinez) did for 'Night of the Candy Butchers'(two stories Dan wrote to accompany his 35-page painted story, 'Beasts' in the upcoming NOCTURNALS: CARNIVAL OF BEASTS 64-page one-shot.) I plan to work with them both again and with other artists, even other writers, eventually. I'm not an egomaniac, I swear.I just love working with talented people on cool comics. I love to write and I love this world I get to play in every day. Why do it alone?"

Why indeed.

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