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So I wrote the 2008 Vampirella Quarterly Halloween Special, hitting stores very soon.

As a fan of the magazine as a teen, and someone who turned in their fair share of covers for the comics as an illustrator, having the opportunity to write a Vampi story is a big deal for me.

The details:

"Written by Dan Brereton Illustrated by John Heebink
Lower Price! More New Story! No Reprinted Material! What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the sexiest icon in horror: Vampirella! Comics maverick Dan Brereton (Nocturnals) writes what's sure to be an instant classic, featuring art by John Heebink (Doll and Creature). Religious fanatics on a rampage have captured Vampirella and thrown her into a maximum security prison for demon women. These madmen think they can reform her, redeem her, change her. Well, Vampi's got other plans!

Cover by Dan Brereton.
24pgs, FC SRP: $3.50"

They let me do the main cover this time, and the wonderfully talented John Heebink was hand-picked by the editor, Bon Alimagno, and I to handle interiors. We tried something a little different with Vampi, which surely you've all heard before, but I'll let you all judge for yourselves. Basically I approached Vampi as if she were one of my own characters and the results were a lot of fun and downright gruesome , which we all know is even more fun. Personally, I'm less interested in her status as a comic book the sex-symbol and feel Vampi's inherent sex appeal should remain just that and stories ought to focus on Vampirella as a strong female character, confident while straddling the world of men and the supernatural. And that's sexy... to me, anyway.

The story has some nasty surprises, lots of devil women, and Vampi gets the living crap beat out of her a few times, as well. One of the reasons we zeroed-in on John as the artist was his versatility with figure and personality- he doesn't draw the same female type over and over- he really takes pains to create a unique person in whomever he draws and it shows. I liken Heebink to someone like Kieron Dwyer in that respect- really strong draftsmanship, command of form and a unique flair for "casting" by way of drawing everyone [and every thing with its own stamp.

Bon and I are also working really closely with John as he turns in pencils- which has been fun(for me, at least) In many ways I'm envious of him; he gets to illustrate the story which I'd love to do if I was able. As a writer, however, having a chance to write for another artist is always a welcome project. Most editors would insist I paint the stories I write, and am really thankful to Bon at Harris for giving the opportunity to work on Vampirella in this fashion.

Writing this story was a great escape. Currently in process is a painted cover including possibly more female figures than any Vampi cover done.

Sounds like fun to me- I hope you'll tell your friendly neighborhood retailer the same !