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For those who may not know it, the new book hit stores July 23rd! NOCTURNALS: CARNIVAL OF BEASTS is out and its waiting for you! 64 full-color pages, featuring a 35 page painted story by DAN BRERETON with 2 more NEW stories written by Dan.

Dan painted the first, 35-page story, "Beasts" a wicked-cool tale where the Nocs get their hands dirty with a frosty night of Reckoning served hot.

"The Scrimshaw Crown" also penned by Dan, features art by sensational comics newcomer, VIKTOR KALVACHEV, in a story featuring Starfish, a haunted harpoon, and a cursed Leviathan.

" Night of the Candy Butchers" rounds out the set, a dark carnival ride with words by Brereton and art by comics best-kept secret RUBEN MARTINEZ (mostly cuz he works for the worlds's biggest toy maker by day) with demonic colors by VIET NGUYEN,(who works with Ruben at said toy company).

This book marks a return to all-new comics material for the Nocturnals as well as a new publishing home at Image Comics. You don't want to miss out, which is why we figured some of you may appreciate our reminding you here!

Alan Belfast