15 Years of Nocturnals Coming, Folks!

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Hi Folks,

as you may know, Nocturnals approaches its 15th Anniversary this year. At this time, fifteen years ago, I was painting the first mini-series and struggling to hone my writing skills to create something unique in the comics marketplace. At that time, Hellboy was two months away from debuting, and there were no little girl characters in superhero comics. No books combining Lovecraft and Chandler (really!) or horror, crime and super-heroic flair all in one. There were no zombie gunfighters, no Halloween-themed characters, and no one had ever called a group or a book 'Nocturnals'.

Blade and Night Force creator, Marv Wolfman, once said to me,

"'Nocturnals'...that's a good title. I'm surprised I never thought of that."

Much has changed since then. My son is now 15, for one. And I have a 3-year old son as well. My girls are in college. And I'm still in love with Nocturnals.

maybe not as much as Id like to be, but they are still with us. There are stories to be told and stories in the works. Image released CARNIVAL OF BEASTS last summer and I have another Nocs miniseries in the long-term parking works called THE SINISTER PATH.

NOCTURNALS: BLACK PLANET & OTHER STORIES VOLUME I Hardcover is available for those who still have a comics allowance left! With BNOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER AND OTHER TALES VOLUME II coming later this year from IMAGE, you may want to get caught up if you haven't already. You can order through your retailers, get it through Amazon.com or through Olympian Publishing.

A NOCTURNAL ALPHABET (still available exclusively through Olympian at:


this is a beautiful book, and every time I see it on the shelf I find myself picking it up and paging through it because I still marvel at how precious it is. Its a treasured item here in the Brereton house. Evan asks to be read it enough times he knows who the Gunwitch is. Which is really all a father can ask. Each copy is signed and numbered on a cool EX LIBRIS bookplate.

Even more news:

Image Comics will publish NOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER & OTHER TALES hardcover in June. There will also be a special Diamond Edition of this volume, with a variant cover image and 16 pages of extra material. The price remains the same as the last volume (and its premium edition).

Image Comics is a great home for Nocturnals and I wish I could give them more to publish, more quickly.

The future holds many surprises, and I cant help but be optimistic for Nocturnals. They're my babies and my best work naturally comes through in the pages of their stories.

In the meantime, I endeavor to work on more mainstream titles and characters, strengthen my name in comics, and my base of readers, so one day when the Nocs return, there will be many more of you awaiting them.

Thank You Sincerely for your patronage and devotion. You are a small but growing number and you really warm my heart with your support and love for Nocturnals.

best regards,

Dan Brereton