"Dan Brereton, Monsters, Undead, and a hot red-head in a chain-mail bikini.

Do you really need any more review than that?

Well, fine...since I'm already here...

Brereton works double duty, writing this full-length story, and bookending it with 6 (3 in the beginning, and 3 at the end) of his patented gorgeously painted pages. And, the art team of Batista, Bolson, and Andrade fill the interiors with some equally impressive artwork.

This done in one, extra sized tale is a wonderful high fantasy adventure. A tavern brawl that leads to a quest, trolls, the undead, damsels in distress, damsels in charge, and lots of people/creatures foolish enough to underestimate our heroine.

If you've never read a RED SONJA comic, if you're a life-long fan, or if you fall anywhere in between, this comic is for you.

4 out of 5 stars"

and another :


As I've said before, the character of Robert E. Howard have been a blessing to the minds of the comic industry, nay, all of media and entertainment. Red Sonja Annual #3 runs like an old school D&D game; not necessarily the games played by today's standards, but the old school semi-campy imagery we expect from the fantasy world. If I need to explain further: you'll find our heroine in a chain-mail bikini, fights with trolls, the undead, and greedy bastards. In this issue of the annual, Sonja must deal with the cursed Ghost of the Mountain King! Plot-wise, most of what happens is to be expected. Art-wise, this is brilliant. Three artist take on this issue with such passion that it drips off of the page. Dan Brereton book-ends Annual #3 with painted sections and the covers, which look like they came from AD&D manuals; while Andriano Batista and Chris Bolson take on penciled sections of the release. One aspect I payed close attention to was the lighting in each frame. It made for some interesting visuals, which sometimes can be overlooked. If you want a gritty medieval/fantasy piece, you have to get indoor lighting just right; this was something all three artists achieved with honors. Overall: 9.0/10"