IMAGE Comics to present THE LAST BATTLE in December

Headhunter from 'The Last Battle'

After marching on several countries in Europe and South America, THE LAST BATTLE, a savage tale set in ancient times, is heading to North America and English readers in time for the holidays.

Written by Tito Faraci( Diabolik,Spider-Man, Dylan Dog, Daredevil & Captain America) and Illustrated by Dan Brereton (Nocturnals,Red Sonja, Punisher: Frankencastle, Immortal Iron Fist, Thrillkiller) this 72-page graphic novel is a blood-stained sword-and-sandals adventure set in 52 BCE around the pivotal battle at the fortress of Alesia in Gaul. Julius Caesar lays siege to the Gallic stronghold, but faces opposition on his tail from Celtic forces from the surrounding countryside.

Enter General Caius Rodius, Caesar's greatest General- pulled from retirement to track and kill the leader of the Celtic Legion, Cammius. Who better to bring back the head of the warrior who once fought for Rome and now fights against it, than the very man who raised and trained him?

" I actually tried to turn this story down at first", explained Brereton," because I didn't think it suited my style or sensibilities. They'd seen Nocturnals and somehow thought I was right for the project. But, to his credit and my eternal thanks, the editor persevered and after reading the plot and producing a slew of concept drawings, I began to make it as much mine as the man who wrote it in the first place. After Tito and I put our heads together,it became OUR tale to tell. I did months of research and reading and became a bit of an expert on the period and the historical figures who are part of this story. It not only greatly informed my work and helped shape the story, it drove my family and friends nuts."

Dan went on to say how his current love of history grew out of his work on THE LAST BATTLE," I was never what you'd call a history buff. I couldn't be bothered to care. But once I immersed myself in this story, I literally felt a connection which has never left. I cant really explain it, but now I'm much more interested in narratives which have some grounding in history of any kind. Its led to a love of Westerns(The Cowboy and the Cossack, True Grit, Gone to Texas) and historical novels of Gore Vidal ( Julian, Lincoln,Burr, Creation) and Erik Larson(Devil in the White City)."

"THE LAST BATTLE is extremely violent", explained Dan, " Tito's script reflects the times and they were bloody, back-stabbing and relentlessly dangerous. The story moves very fast, and few are spared the brutality of the struggle between Roman and Celt or Roman and Roman!" Brereton said he and Faraci are both very excited for English-readers to have the book in hand. The book did very well in the half-dozen countries and languages it appeared. " Italy is not a large country. L'ULTIMA BATTAGLIA, as it's known there, sold well over 22 thousand copies there, alone. Very gratifying to know it was seen and read by so many Europeans who don't know my work otherwise. I am approached by folks from across the pond from Spain and Germany who tell me they know my work because they read THE LAST BATTLE."