NOCTURNALS: LEGEND- more than 20 years in the making- arriving in November!

NOCTURNALS: LEGEND- a 20-year retrspective, from Big Wow Art, coming  to shops November 2014

A twenty year retrospective celebrating Dan Brereton's Eisner-nominated series of dark pulp heroes, NOCTURNALS. This 152-page hardcover is packed with a slew of never-before-published illustrations, as well as paintings and drawings spanning the twenty year history of this influential "monster noir" series.

Nocturnals #1 hit stands in December 1994, introducing readers to the world of Doc Horror and his spooky daughter Evening ( AKA Halloween Girl) , the silent revenant Gunwitch, the ghostly Polychrome, and a host of supernatural and criminal types in a noir setting with heavy pulp overtones." The first mini-series, Black Planet" was 6 issues, and would see two more graphic novels, three specials , as well as an illustrated book of verse and a Companion guide. Aside from hundreds of pages of graphic storytelling, Brereton produced covers, pin-ups, concept and promotional art, private commissions and trading card art. so much of this work exists, 152 pages hardly contains it all- but the best of these works will fill LEGEND to bursting.

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