NOCTURNALS take the Sinister Path In a Kickstarter launch from Big Wow! Publishing


by Alan Belfast-

Dan Brereton's premiere creations are set to return in the Fall of 2015 in a brand new original graphic novel. NOCTURNALS: THE SINISTER PATH, a 65-page story, will be published in several formats, and is currently on a path to its much-needed funding to become a reality we can all have in our hot little hands! Dan has the story and several pages of the graphic novel completed, as well as a gorgeous wrap-around cover, all of which are shaping-up to be one exciting project.

The video on the Kickstarter page features Brereton speaking on his love of the series, as well as a visual treat of live action versions of one or two of the characters to accompany previews of some interior art with new character as well. Not to be missed!