MERCENARY: The Freelance Illustration of Dan Brereton - new art book for 2016!

MERCENARY : The Freelance Illustration of Dan Brereton,  2016

Dan's last collection of art ENCHANTRESS, released in 2014, was due for a follow-up collection . So while he continues work on painting NOCTURNALS: The Sinister Path graphic novel, Big Wow Art is releasing a 2016 collection of work , entitled MERCENARY. The theme of this new hardcover collection deals with Brereton's freelance work and not only features recent illustrations , but work-in-progress images and commentary on technique, method and theory . It's a fascinating immersion into the artist's approach and decision-making process.
A KICKSTARTER campaign compliments the book , funding a very limited Publisher's Deluxe version, which expands the regular edition of 72 pages to a dust-jacketed 88 page volume .

A standard 72-page edition beautifully printed in the USA, will hit comic shops later this year.

With three past art books from Big Wow Art nearly sold out of thier print runs , MERCENARY will surely be a collectible edition, as well as enlightening volume for the library of any illustration, comic art and painting enthusiast.