NOCTURNALS: THE SINISTER PATH Coming in JUNE to a Comic Shop Near You!

Dan Brereton's new graphic novel will appear in stores in June - NOCTURNALS: THE SINISTER PATH is available in softcover and a special sketch cover edition - now available for retailers to preorder - let your comic shop know you want your copy reserved now!

Item code APR171366

Sketch cover APR171367

Kickstarter backers will be pleased to know the books, including the deluxe hardcover edition (only available through the Nocturnals campaign) will ship the same month the softcover editions reach the shops.

Dan expressed gratitude for the supporters of the Kickstarter, adding, "We could not have done this without our backers, and I hope they're genuinely pleased with the result. We want to bring them more stories in the near future."

" it's not crucial to be a prior fan to jump in to the Nocturnals' world with THE SINISTER PATH," Dan explained," but I always prefer to start at the beginning." For those who want to catch up with the Nocturnals saga , Big Wow Art, the publisher of the new title, released the first collected volume in TPB form , which is also still available to order, ( current item code APR171368) . See our store link to order directly - including the oversized hardcover NOCTURNALS: LEGEND, retrospective art book. Volume II , NOCTURNALS: THE DARK FOREVER AND OTHER TALES is still available from IMAGE COMICS- ask your friendly neighborhood comic shop to order your copy.