Discovered in a peat bog, Starfish was a mere proto-humanoid, more amphibian than human. Doc brought her back to the lab where she incubated in seawater, rapidly growing into a feisty young teen with an itchy trigger finger and a yearning to know who and what she is...

Dan notes:
Starfish began as a pin-up I did in the early 90s – I wanted to do a 50s style girly pin-up, but my idea was to use an alien babe or a kind of updated mermaid – so I painted this fishgirl relaxing under the waves, with a ray gun strapped to her hip. I really liked the piece and it grew on me more and more – so when I came up with the concept of the Nocturnals, I knew I wanted her in there. I'd given her a starfish tatoo and her hair was full of them, so naturally, I called her Starfish.